Sarah’s Ordination

One of the things we have been absolutely committed to as a Diocese, from the outset, is that we are a missionary movement. We plan to evangelise through-out the nation and to plant new churches. In order to do that we need well trained leaders, who are part of a larger body (the Diocese) and account-able to/under the au-thority of a Synod and Bishop. 

The two people who were ordained here on 14 November, Harold Forrest and Sarah Corban, are senior ministers in the South Auckland Anglican Mis-sion and Abide Church Hamilton respectively. These are two new congregations which have emerged out of ACANZP parish-es and affiliated with CCAANZ during the past year. Their ordi-nation is, therefore, a sign that the Diocese is growing. This growth in the North Island is matched by two ordinations in the South Island, meaning four new ministers in total – three of them under 40 years old. This augurs well for the future. 

The ordinations were preceded by a church leaders gathering on the Friday at which we wor-shipped, studied the scriptures, shared fellowship and prayed for one another. All reflected on what a blessed time it was to-gether, and how we came away feeling encouraged, supported and united. I believe that Paul would have thoroughly ap-proved. 

Our hope is that at some stage next year we will all be able to share in a Diocesan gathering.